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At idpeople A/S, we offer you the best expertise and products within ID solutions. We are experts in ID management software, physical ID solutions, governmental ID solutions, encrypted access to data and personalization of SmartCards and SIM-cards.


ID360 is a all-inclusive ID management software solution that unites your existing access right data, HR data, administrative data and so forth in one platform, which makes it simple and effective to administer and control identities in your organization.

And that is smart business. Often data and handling of data are scattered all over your software platforms which results in inflexibility, too many administrative routines and unmanageability – all which can result in higher costs. Those issues are solved with ID360.

At idpeople A/S we put the customer and your needs first. So we offer ID360 as a module-based software, which gives you the ability to choose the exact functionalities, you need in your solution for your company. This is agile and cost efficient for you as a customer.

ID 360 consist of the following modules:

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The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) standard is a safe way to protect and access sensitive and critical data through authentication. The FIDO use standard public cryptography techniques and is developed by a consortium of Google, Amazon and Apple among others with the purpose of protecting user privacy and ensuring a simple and secure online access to sensitive data like personal data or economic data, but FIDO also applies for physical access rights.

FIDO is, unlike other alternatives standards, e.g. PKI, a cost friendly solution without compromising security level, which makes it as relevant for medium sized businesses as large companies.

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idpeople A/S is a leading company on the FIDO protocol in Scandinavia and provides knowledge and competence, the physical product itself as card or USB-key, deliverance and support.

We are agent and distributor for Europe’s leading producer of FIDO cards and USB-keys, Neowave, and are working closely together on product- and market development.

Governmental ID solutions

Governmental authorities need high level security ID documents and idpeople A/S has for a number of years been entrusted with the produce and personalization of these types of documents.

Our ISO 27001 certification supports an efficient and flawless production and we take great pride in delivering quality and punctuality.


Where ever there is a need for verification of a identity in a commercial context, idpeople A/S plays a role. We produce and personalize a wide range of personalized SmartCards for customers in the areas of commercial flights, betting, petrol, retail, loyalty clubs and many more.

idpeople A/S is also a significant supplier of ID products and personalization to the communication sector, mainly in the form of SIM cards and eSiM products.

About us

idpeople A/S is a 30 year old company situated in Skovlunde, just outside the Danish capital, Copenhagen, with both administration and production facilities.

We are a danish owned and owner managed company and have a strong company culture that sets the bar high for ourselves and our commitment to our customers: we will only deliver the highest quality and highest service level.

Our strategic focus os top-of-the-line products and services within ID management, secure access to data and production of governmental and commercial ID products.

idpeople A/S has a environmental policy that underlines our responsibility to the environment in regard to energy consumption, selection of raw material and disposal handling. We have in our CSR policy formulated our approach to subcontractors to ensure their commitment to the environment, no use of child labor or social dumping.

We have two ISO standard certification – ISO 9001, a quality certification, and ISO 27001, a safety certification.

idpeople A/S is a two-time winner of the prestigious Gazelle award, which are presented to companies that demonstrates high growth rates.

idpeople A/S changed its name from Cardcoin A/S to idpeople A/S in 2021 to emphasize our strategic focus – both in our company name and our identity.  

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